About Morni


Morni Turban is one of the ancient turban which was usually used to tie by everyone because there was not any special style found by anyone and that was Just A Turban with any size of single cloth with any colour, it was then known for Gol Pagg.

Now here is a thing if it was Gol pagg then why?! its named as Morni Pagg?

Gol pagg was usually tied by the people of MAJHA.
In this area patiala shahi pagg was not famous due to far distance and the fashion of that area.
Amritsar, here people Tie Very Beautiful Turban these people are very Much Bold and crazy in Fashion, even now a days they Still are Many will wishers of Morni pagg. So that’s why its also an AMRITSARI pagg.

Now come to WHY? Morni name was compatible for this Turban.
Gol pagg, it was tied with free hand look like Shaheed S. BHAGAT SINGH JI and the last layer was just simple and flat layer. As the time passed away the personality and fashion was coming up because we all know that is a proper gentlemen never want to look like a rural personality. So due to fashion this turban was also mould and fashioned with very neat and clean look from all the sides, but here was again flat broad layer offs the look of Turban, then it was found “IF WE TWIST IT FROM FRONT THEN IT GIVES A BETTER GRACE AND BEAK LOOK PROPER IN FRONT”.