About Patiala Shahi


Patiala Shahi Pagg is the only king of turbans. it has a  special royalty in it. its  the only turban which suits each and every face. when we talk  about  patiala shahi pagg, the  word SHAHI gives the feel of  Royalty .

In Acient times this was the only turban used to tie by the kings of Patiala and  much  more others also but  this was started  by the  king Of Patiala MAHARAJA Patiala Mahendra singh and  after that the  whole generation Adopted it from MAHARAJA RAJENDRA SINGH to  MAHARAJA BHUPENDRA SINGH to MAHARAJA YADVENDRA SINGH to cpt. Amrinder Singh and  now  a days this  is  the most  famous Turban style  in this  world.

Patiala Shahi Pagg has its  own spiritual qualities that  will you  know  after having  it on your  head as honour of respect and  Royalty .

Today the  whole  generation young, elders and  old they all prefer to  tie  this style  turban.

now  a days  its the  motivation also  patiala  shahi pagg (turban) never gives  a  better look  to non beard and  moustache guy who trim themselves, so that’s why here  is a crazy of having  a beard and moustache and to  have  a  fullon Sardari touch in boys who use to tie this  turban.

here  is  much a lot  for  it  that  we  can’t  explain ever in the  whole life  so  if  you  all want  to  know  what’s a KING, then  MUST  HAVE THIS PRECIOUS CROWN ONCE.