Special Turbans

Creative Patiala Shahi

Special turbans are the Turbans, which are much more fashionable than other turbans of Punjab. These Turbans are the improved version of all the other turbans. in these style we can manage our turban in any fashionable way like we can put wrinkles in the layers, we can make two layers from one layer or 4 to 5 layers from 1 layer. we people has also given them different names for patiala shahi pagg the improved version is Creative patiala shahi pagg(Turban) and wrinkled patiala shahi pagg(Turban) and for Morni pagg it is known same as Creative Morni Pagg and Wrinkled Morni Pagg. creative pagg has multiple layers which are made from one layer, we can make 2 to 3 to 5 layers with a lot of practise,  some people call it Amritsar shahi pagg( turban) but its not an appropriate name for this turban because according to the style of turban it looks same like morni and patialal shahi pagg.

these turbans are specially used to tie in weddings and special more occasions. It take a lot of time to make a Professional Creative Turban but its graceful which gives very Regal look to a person who is wearing this headgear.